That Extra Part-Time Weekend Job Can Lead to Significant Savings and Future Success

Many people work a full-time job and a small number of part-time hours at another position, even if they don’t truly need to. In the meantime, their friends think those individuals are a little crazy for dedicating so much time to making money. The friends spend the weekends partying and shopping, figuring that’s what weekends are for. They could fill out a Family Dollar app from Job Application Center and start bringing in some extra cash too, but they don’t really see the point.

After a year, they hear that the friend who’s been working the extra hours is going on a fabulous vacation. Perhaps a week-long trip to Grand Cayman is scheduled, or maybe this hard worker has saved up enough money to spend a week staying at a lodge in Colorado and skiing the slopes. This person isn’t doing any of this on credit; it’s all coming from savings. How in the world is there enough savings to pay for this?

It can be difficult to see the future clearly when it comes to earning money. That Saturday job at the retail store might only pay $9 an hour, but the worker still can bring home some $60 every week. By the end of a year, if all that money is directed to a savings account, there’ll be more than $3,000 in there. That’s true even if the person didn’t work every single Saturday. Even putting in the time every other Saturday leads to savings of more than $1,500.

It gets better. The person who has been spending Saturdays working as a cashier and stocking shelves is offered a better position with the store. Because of this individual’s other work experience, the time invested at the retail store and the reliability he or she has shown, the application to become an assistant manager is accepted. Now this worker can leave a full-time lower-paying occupation and begin a new career in retail management. The job comes with health and dental insurance, paid vacations and holidays, and other benefits. The dedication to a work ethic and future success had paid off well.